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Hailee Bland Walsh is a community activist, professional athlete, fitness entrepreneur, and speaker. But wait, she’s more than that. She’s vulnerable, magnetic, approachable, inclusive, and she never turns down a chance at building someone up.

What she’s about

Hailee celebrates the real and the raw. She’s a champion and advocate for others and she’s all about empowerment, belonging, and finding your fit. She’s got the accolades, a beefy résumé, and muscles for days, but most importantly, she’s got heart. 


  • KC’s Best Gym, KC Magazine, 2014 & 2016
  • KC’s Best Trainer, KC Magazine, 2014 & 2016
  • 25 Under 25 Award, Class of 2015,
  • Women Who Mean Business, Member, 2017
  • Central Exchange, EPIC 13, Influencer, 2018


Hailee is a no-filter, let’s-get-real kind of person, who says what needs to be said and stands up for what matters. She believes that you don’t have to have it together all of the time. It’s a powerful feeling to challenge yourself and experience growth.


With keynotes like “Balance is Bullsh*t,” she takes you through her sh*t with refreshing candor to empower you to find strength and greatness. She believes that our screw ups and live-to-tell moments are the fuel that lights our fire for better days.


fitness/wellness events

"I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Hailee Bland-Walsh in a variety of ways. As the VP of Field Development and Training, I hired Hailee to do a series of workshops for our 5,000+ Representatives present for our annual conference. Hailee was so wildly embraced by our Reps that we brought her back the following year to offer another range of topics. I recently hired Hailee to be the motivational speaker for a group of women as part of the launch of a new business, ACT Pilates Fusion +Yoga in Fort Collins. In each of these settings Hailee was able to engage the audience, challenge them to move beyond their comfort zone, inspire them to action and provide them with real-world tools to change their lives. She is passionate, honest, and has a no-holds barred approach to her authentic message. Having been in the audience for several other presentations as an audience member, I have had my own purpose and focus in life realigned with her help. Hailee will always have my full endorsement as a life changer, game changer and amazing human being!"



Former VP of Field Development and Training, Silpada Designs

"Hailee is not only a dynamic wise leader but one of the most passionate and just human beings I've ever encountered. I met Hailee when she began working on her book about her leadership journey and was immediately blown away by her spirit, intelligence and long term commitment to equity and justice before it was a "thing."

From her vision to deeply support and grow a trans community at City Gym to putting her full weight behind Sharice David's historic run and election to the Senate, to quietly supporting the stories of LGBTQ elders on film, no one shows up as a champion of others like Hailee.

She is as pure a heart, funny, self -effacing and transparent in all she does and embodies. She's exactly the leader for those who have been heart-broken, exiled and marginalized, and let's face it, at this moment in the culture, who hasn't been?Hailee loves humans with every fiber of her being and weaves that love into how she speaks, leads and lives."



Founder of Somatic Writing, Book and Solo Show Mentor

"Hailee Bland Walsh has what most of us don't. The courage to speak from her heart and her truth regardless of the circumstances and consequences. Hailee demonstrates values based leadership on a daily basis. She reminds me of the following leadership mantra; "Say what you mean, mean what you say, just don't say it mean!"

Hailee dreams big and has a vision for a better place, better space and better world. She combines that "bigness" with an enthusiasm that is contagious.
I also learned recently of something incredibly kind and generous that she has been doing with no one knowing. She is full of surprises and inspiration.
She makes me smile whenever I see her and makes we want to "lean in and make the world a better place."



CEO at Bomar Holdings LLC, City Gym Member

"Hailee Bland-Walsh is a powerful, multi-dimensional force in our community. Her passion to improve the lives of others through her political, fitness, and public speaking savviness is inspirational. I am also personally grateful to her for setting an example for me and others of how to be a strong, vocal female."



Founder and President of Rightfully Sewn

"Hailee and I worked together on a project for the American Heart Association, CycleNation, stationary cycling fundraiser. With Hailee’s enthusiastic leadership, this event doubled in participation and funds raised. Hailee’s approach for leadership of this event was to strategically ask wellness leaders in the community to serve with her in leading this event. She shared her vision of success for the event and worked with each member to realize their potential of what they could contribute. Hailee leads with passion, dedication and drive for success in everything she commits her time to. She is well respected within the Kansas City community and known for her thoughtful follow through. Hailee inspires growth and success in everyone she works with. "



Senior Director of Active Events, American Heart Association

"Hailee B. Walsh is a dynamic individual as it pertains to both group fitness and leadership. She led our team while working on Cycle Nation, a philanthropic program for the American Heart Association. I was motivated and captivated by her project planning and fundraising effort. As the event ensued, she led the most high energy cycling session that I have ever participated in. We appreciate Hailee for the community icon she is!"



Artist, Collector, Curator, Consultant

"I've had the opportunity to check out Hailees spin class on a few occasions now and every time I've left feeling more accomplished and confident than when I came in. Hailee has this uncanny ability to see people, while perched on a bike, giving full energy herself and teaching an entire class! Not only does she see the people taking her class, she pours into people and sends them away from City Gym feeling more welcomed and confident than when they entered. You can easily see that she has spread that special touch to her team as the entire gym just has that spark!"



Owner & Founder, Ruby Jean's Juicery

"Hailee Bland Walsh is the real deal...passionate, immediately engaging, approachable and caring. I've witnessed Hailee speak on several panels and she is always the standout; her concern for the community, her clients and staff inspire every audience to a higher purpose.

After inviting Hailee to speak on our Pathways to Leadership panel, I was so impressed with her energy and knowledge that I began training with her. As a coach, she develops both the mental and the physical person in crafting holistic health. Her ability to encourage, transform lives and pursue meaningful results is reflected in both the individual client's progress and the healing of community needs as a whole."



Executive Vice President, Logistics/Creative Brand Management, Country Club Bank

"Whether speaking or teaching fitness, Hailee has the ability to create space for people to show up vulnerably and do the work. Hailee's job is not to run a gym or speak on topics, rather it is to connect with people compassionately so they are empowered to dig into their own strengths and show up in life fully."



Group Fitness Instructor, Creator, Indulge KC

"I met Hailee at a time when few white, cisgender leaders in Kansas City were using their resources and social power to affirm transgender youth. She single-handedly fundraised the full operating cost to start our now thriving transgender youth group (KC Transformations) for the first two years. She has been monumental in her support and generosity for queer and trans youth, trans women of color, and LGBTQ+ communities and my own development as a leader."



LGBTQ Activist, Director, Social Scope Productions

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