Who is hailee bland walsh?

Hailee Bland Walsh is a community activist, professional athlete, fitness entrepreneur, and speaker. But wait, she’s more than that. She’s vulnerable, magnetic, approachable, inclusive, and she never turns down a chance at building someone up. She shows us all how we can step into leadership, claim agency in our lives, fight for each other, and build a better world.

She is always the voice in the room that says what needs to be said. She celebrates the real and the raw, she’s a champion and advocate for others, and she’s all about empowerment and belonging.

Hailee is a no-filter, let’s-get-real kind of person, who promotes a refreshing shift in consciousness that isn’t about chasing balance and pretending to be someone you’re not. With keynotes like “Balance is Bullsh*t,” she takes you through her sh*t with refreshing candor to empower you to find strength and greatness. She is authentic and honest about her own journey to move beyond shame and fear, and she knows how to inspire others to claim their power and their purpose to manifest their dreams.

From opening City Gym in Kansas City, to her nationally-acclaimed work with the trans community, to campaigning to elect the first Native American LGBTQ woman to Congress in Kansas, Hailee shows us what is possible when we get real, live our values, and do the work that is truly meant for us.

Hailee’s indefatigable nature makes her the champion of everyone and gives us an empowering leader who’s not afraid to ditch the filter and say what needs to be heard.

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